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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

We offer our clients an option to add BIM technology to their project. We can simulate for the client, architect and engineer what the completed project will look and function like using 3D computer modeling during the designing phase. This technology is growing in the construction industry as a way to lower costs and improve quality in performance.

Using BIM is an effective resource because it allows our clients, along with the developers, to see and make any potential changes or modifications to the scope of work before construction begins. It also aids in streamlining the processes, scheduling, phasing, costs, decision-making, and potential errors – all reducing the need of change orders. BIM is a value added service that we offer to our clients and contractors that we work with.



Horton embraces new technologies and efficiencies in design. We have experience in Geothermal installation and technologies that offer a more efficient, self-sustaining, renewable and eco-friendly way to use the earth to cool and heat an environment.

Geothermal systems use heat pumps to draw heat from the earth through liquid circulated in pipes bored in the earth. These subsurface pipes draw heat from the earth during circulation and delivers the heat to a heat pump and then ultimately throughout the space to be heated. Likewise, in the warmer months the circulation of the liquid is reversed and heat is extracted from the space and cooled in the earth. The results are the same as that of an air conditioner but with lower energy use.